A Matchstick a Horse and Man: Chapter Twelve


Once upon a time there lived three little housewives very happy and very new! They each lived in a flat in a big block in a busy city and because they were very friendly, too, they used to pool their food and have tea together at four o’clock every day. One day it was the birthday of one of the three little housewives and each secretly planned to make something extra good for tea.

The first one got out all her cookery books and started to select a recipe. First she looked at the cake section, trying to decide whether to make a fruit cake or a seed one, a chocolate cake or a lemon one. Then she thought of making a jam sponge or should she bake some biscuits or lemon curd tarts? Very soon the little housewife grew so tired with reading so many recipes and she fell asleep.

The second one got out her cookery books, decided quickly on an iced coffee cake and began to gather together the ingredients, humming to herself all the while. The humming reminded her that there was a favourite programme just starting on the radio so she thought she would listen to this first and make the cake later on. But immediately after the programme ended an exciting play began and the little housewife listened to that too until all the time was gone

The third little housewife, whose birthday it was knew what she wanted to make right away for she had often used the recipe. So she produced a beautifully baked iced orange sponge and had it all ready by four o’clock.

When the three little housewives sat down to tea and saw the orange sponge on the table, Number One and Number Two were very sorry indeed! “How luck) you are to have that lovely cake,” they said. “Each of us wanted to make one but we never seem to get our wishes at all.”

Those three little housewives are just like Thought Bricks Course Students.

The first type of Student does not really know what he or she wants from life. There are vague wishes for various things and the Student may spend quite a long time each day thinking about different things that would be pleasant and then abandoning these for other ideas and wishes. As the Student has no clear idea of what he or she wants, no clear “thought mould’s is passed on to the subconscious mind so it is not surprising, is it, that nothing ever happens? Very soon this type of Student falls mentally asleep from very weariness and disappointmentand only wakes up occasionally to envy other people

The second type of Student knows quite well what he wants and is very busy getting the right knowledge, getting into the right mood, getting the right room to practise in and so on. In fact, he’s so busy learning about thought building that he never has time actually to build at all Before he has achieved anything he has no more timeand so he, too, thinks how lucky the successful thought builders are.

The third type of Student is the kind who takes up the Lesson, quickly runs through it and chooses the thought building exercise which appeals to them most and then uses the rest of the time in actually practising the exercise. Of course, this brings results because every time we think at all we make some impression on the unseen substance of Reality, but when we think deliberately, consciously and powerfully as shown in Thought Bricks Lessons, wonders just cannot help happening. No wonder, then, that this type of Student smiles when others, who are not so successful as he, say enviously to her: ” You are lucky!”

And that, my friends, is my little parable ….


– Bernard