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Thought Bricks is a series of Christian based Positive Thinking courses which were authored by Bernard.

Bernard was a Christian mystic and metaphysical teacher who died sometime around 1994. For some decades he operated the Thought Bricks Teaching Centre as a correspondence school from Alternun, Launceston, England.

The best place to start with the material is the Thought Bricks Courses Overview and to do the four weeks of Thought Bricks Intro Course Lessons and of course browse around to see what appeals to you.

Structure of the site:

Courses – where the life-changing course material is being added.

Charts – these are wonderful exercises of various kinds. These are normally done as part of a course, but many work as stand alone. They are included separately, outwith the course material, to make them easily accessible (such as previous students of Thought Bricks who want to re-engage with specific parts of the material).

BookletsBernard produced inspiring booklets on a variety of topics. They are being added under that menu item.

Heaven Books – a series of short books written by Bernard with some amazing insights he had into heaven and what it is like. I am in the middle of reorganizing that section as it’s a bit messy.

I first came across Thought Bricks in my late teens/early twenties through an advert in a newspaper. My mum and I went 50/50 each to pay for the course. We loved and treasured the material and always looked forward to the next one with great anticipation.

Some decades later, I came across some of the material again in my mother’s house just after she died.  I remembered fondly how it had helped both of us. I have started this site partly as a memorial to my mum and partly to help keep the material alive as I think it is still very relevant today, but it is not easy to find in paper format.

I believe that Bernard wished the material to be made available after his death as long as it is not done for commercial purposes. In fact I have it on good authority, from someone who operated the Thought Bricks Teaching Centre after Bernard past away, that it says this specifically in Bernard’s will.

If you were involved with the Thought Bricks Teaching Centre or know any more about Bernard (or M. E. Williams as he was known) I would love to hear from you.

Kind regards,

(William Martin)