Returning Students

If you were a previously a student of Bernard’s then you likely do not need the introductory information that new students require. This page lets you bypass all that.

No one can step into Bernard’s shoes. He was irreplaceable. However, I do believe that by offering a system where mutual help and support is available Thought Bricks material will not only continue to be useful to us ‘old hands’, but also be incredibly useful to new students as well.

I believe that one of the key things offered by Thought Bricks was the way students were encouraged to share their successes and enjoy hearing about the successes of others. It is was partly due to encouraging this kind of “good heartedness”, as well as the unique teachings, which made Thought Bricks so wonderful. This is something I hope to emulate.

Fees and the Like

Naturally, setting up this system has costs attached. At the moment the courses are free, as I did not want to hold back from offering them till I get round to creating a system to allow people to pay. (The Intro  Course will always be free). I may do a survey form to solicit members/subscribers view on what would seem reasonable payments wise. I am thinking maybe some kind of sliding scale, rather a fixed amount, would be fairer all round. Also a way to charge people in developing nations less would be good too.

Which Course?

As an experienced student you will be well placed to decide for yourself which course will suit your needs.

More will be added later, but the ones which are currently available are: the Intro Course and the Foundation Course. Intro Course is what I’ve called the four lessons which were sent out to introduce prospective students to Thought Bricks. The main Thought Bricks course, the “Course of Personal Lessons”, I have ended up calling the Foundation Course as it is the foundation for all the other courses.

Intro Course

Lesson A: Thought Bricks and How To Build With Them
Lesson B: How to Contact Abundant Supply
Lesson C: A Successful Life For Everyone
Lesson D: Weight of Glory, Way to Achievement

The Intro Course will also include mid-week support material when I get around to adding it.

Join the Intro Course

Foundation Course

Those familiar with the print version will know it as the Thought Bricks Course of Personal Lessons. It is a course of 26 lessons with a wide variety of ideas and exercises and information about Bernard’s contact with The Master (as he liked to call Him).   The print version was sent out every two weeks to make the course last the full 52 weeks of the  year; this version is emailed weekly. If you want to make the course last longer than the 26 weeks it now takes you can just delay reading the emails to fit your needs.

Join the Foundation Course

Additional Courses

I plan to add Golden Gate, ABC and Constructive Year courses in the weeks/months ahead. Please don’t ask me when. It will happen as soon as possible. Please sign for the Abundant Life newsletter, which will be starting soon, to keep up with that sort of news. You can select it when you sign up for a course or via the Home Page of the site.

There are many other plans afoot, such as; a forum system, audio versions of some of the material and who knows we may even end up with a Thought Bricks App in the future.

Exciting times ahead! I look forward to sharing them with you and getting to know you better.

Welcome back!


P.S. I am convinced that Bernard is smiling down on us and encouraging us to make use of new technology to help Thought Bricks be reborn in a new way.