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Getting access to the Thought Bricks Foundation Course for free.

I realize that some of you are accessing this site from developing countries and that the lowest donation amount on the donations form of $9 per month could be too much. Also some of you may be feeling affected by the wave of lack, doubt and fear that is part of the current recession. I would like to help you out, but I want to make a few comments first.

Bernard the founder of Thought Bricks did not make the course available for free to anyone. I am being more flexible about it because people have become accustomed to having some things for free over the Internet. However, I want to explain Bernard’s reasons for his stance to save you from making an error.

It is very difficult to create a feeling of abundance while acting out of a sense of lack. A sense of lack just tends to create more lack. I am hoping by letting you bypass the payment form you will begin to realize that sooner or later you need to become willing to give so that you can receive. Remember that nothing is truly free and that it costs time and money to run this service. By letting you access it for free, it means I am making a donation to you.

Don’t fall into the scarcity trap or the swamp of lack that so many get caught by. Acknowledge, feel and share the abundance you already have.  Please begin to think of yourself as an abundant child of God happy to pay your way. As you do the course, feel more and more that his is true about you and it will become so.

Click the link below to sign up for free. The first lesson will arrive with 24 hours.

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