Lesson D: Follow Up – Life is a Mirror

In Lesson D Bernard asks,  “Do you see now how many of the inexplicable happenings in your life, have come about? Whatever we think, comes visibly into our world. People may even think against others in revenge, but sooner or later the reality will come – not to others, but themselves. By our thoughts we ‘sow seeds’….”

Every thought is a seed. We can also consider every thought as a “brick”. We build up the things we desire one “brick” at a time. Unhappy “bricks” will create unhappy experiences, sooner or later. If you want to change your life you need to change yourself. You need to change your thinking habits. You no longer indulge yourself in self pity, blaming others, and being angry and indignant about this or that.

You take responsibility for creating the life you want. You are already beginning to take steps in that direction. If there are ways in which you have been inwardly thinking along the lines of poverty, illness, weakness, fear and doubt, you are letting go of those. You see how destructive that kind of thinking is and you do not want the kind of life it creates. Instead, you are building and strengthening the ways in which your thinking can be along the lines of new possibilities, new opportunities, and the new capacities and abilities you need to live life at a higher level.

You accept that some things in your life are not the way you want. Without getting into blame or rancor, you look for creative solutions and ways forward which are best for everyone involved. Even when you cannot make changes outwardly; you continue to make your changes inwardly, in your thoughts and attitude, knowing that sooner or later the outer must change too.


I am sure that you will have benefited from the Thought Bricks Intro Course. The next step is the Foundation Course. It has a wealth of material which will help you be more abundant. It will guide you in feeling closer to God, and more able to receive His blessings.