Lesson C: Follow Up – Self Encouragement

As a follow up to Lesson C: How to Contact Abundant Supply, I would like to ask, did you catch Bernard’s use of the term “Self Encouragement”? If we do not encourage ourselves, then how do we expect to make much progress?

You want a happy and confident approach to life, I imagine. You want to feel good when you wake up in the morning ready to face the day. Yes? You want good health, satisfying work, good friends and a loving relationship. Sounds about right? Yet to have these you have to give up something. You have to give up self-judgement and self-criticism. There are no two ways about it. Either you help yourself; or you hinder yourself. You either help yourself with Self Encouragement; or you hinder yourself through self-judgement and self-criticism.

Too often we can get caught up in self-judgement and self-criticism. Yet, that just reinforces a fearful, nervous and wary approach to life. You do no want that, surely? Perhaps you think that self-judgement and self-criticism help you. If you look at their actual affects you will find they certainly do not. Who would bring out the best in you? Would it be someone who blames and criticizes you, or someone who praises and encourages you? Naturally the person who praises and encourages will bring out the best in you. So why do you do the opposite to yourself and expect it to do any good?

Many people do not know how to praise and encourage, so expecting someone else to do this for you is not practical. You have to praise and encourages yourself. Will that work? Of course it works. You can make yourself wither under a barrage of self blame; so why not bathe yourself in a warm glow of encouragement? Congratulate yourself when you do well. Pat yourself on the back when you do something good and right.

Are you worried that it might make you arrogant. No, it will not. Not if you also start to praise and encourage those around you too. Just a little at first, till they and you get used to it. It might be a simple thing, “Oh, I like your jacket. Looks good on you.”, “You are looking well. Have you been on holiday!”, “You know I have always admired the way you….” (and tell them something you have always admired about them).

Learn this simple thing and you will change your life in many unbelievable ways.  Self Encouragement will unlock, inner gifts, abilities and character qualities that you did not even realise were there.

What have you done well today? Notice it, be pleased about it and give yourself a healthy, enjoyable treat as a reward (eat a mango, go to a nice nature place, have a nice foamy bath).