Lesson A: Follow Up – You Deserve Better

This is a follow-up to Lesson A of the Thought Bricks Intro Course, The main lessons in the Intro Course were intended to be weekly. I have written “follow up” lessons, based on the Thought Bricks teachings, so that you could follow that weekly pattern for the lessons if you want, yet have something mid-week as a booster to help keep your enthusiasm going. Now that the lessons are on this web site, and accessible as and when you want, you can obviously read them in whatever rhythm works best for you.

You have probably come across the idea before that the quality of your thinking shapes the quality of your life.  A fundamental part of how you think has to do with who, or what, you think you are. If you have been taught, and have accepted, a very limited idea of who you are, then this will obviously limit how you shape your life. Many who taught you during your formative years may have had very limited ideas about themselves and may have passed on those same limited ideas to you.

This is why Bernard, right at the very start (indeed of the very first lesson) encourages you to look to the God within you. He asks you to look to the source of goodness as being, at least in part, something within yourself. As you change what you believe about yourself to something better, then naturally other aspects of your life will become better. You will believe you deserve better and will be able to allow better experiences in your life.

We cannot allow ourselves to have something we feel we do not deserve. What we feel we deserve depends on how we think of ourselves. As you acknowledge and accept what is good about you, then that part of you will grow and expand. You will put away feelings of being unworthy, or not being deserving, because they do not serve you – they do not serve the deeper and wiser part of you.

Imagine you saw someone put a flowering plant in a dark cupboard and you said to them. “Why did you put the plant in there?”. You would think it strange if they replied, “Oh, the flowers on that plant are not much good. I put it in the cupboard because it is embarrassing”. You would think that they ought to do something to help the plant produce better flowers (a sunnier position, some fertilizer etc) rather than stick it in a dark place. Yet, that is what many people do to themselves. They are embarrassed by parts of themselves, or judge them us unworthy, but instead of doing something useful about it they just hide those parts away and wonder why their life is not flowering as they feel it should.

Our thinking creates a climate within us. It is up to you to create a climate where the best within you can flourish. This will only happen when you intervene in your thought process and begin to change old worn out ways of thinking into new and better ways of thinking. Will you do this? Will you create an environment where the better parts of you can flower and flourish?

At the first sign the need, use a Thought Brick to change your thinking (keep a note of one to hand).
“Because I am an offspring of the All-Life, of the source of all wisdom and all power, I draw forth peace and confidence and strength.”
“Because I am an offspring of the Divine, of the source of all beauty and all creativity, I draw forth wonder and delight.”
“Because I am an offspring of the One, of the source of all Love, I draw forth love and I express love.”