Thought Bricks 8 – Follow Up

The Forgiveness theme in Lesson 8 is a powerful one. Forgiveness brings many blessings. It brings inner freedom, peace of mind and helps us be more able to accept the goodness of life.

The more forgiving we are the more we realise that when we forgive it is really us who benefits. For a few moments, think of someone you have not forgiven. Notice the affect this has on your body. You will likely feel stress, frustration and unhappy bitter feelings. Imagine what it would be like to be free of those feelings. Imagine what it would be be forgive – and to be forgiven.

Imagine what it would be like to be forgiven for everything you have ever done. Wouldn’t that be wonderful: to never again need to feel guilt, shame or regret for anything from your past. The path which leads there is simple. You just need to forgive anyone who has ever harmed you. You are forgiven as you learn to forgive.

If you are troubled by remorse for something you have done, then there may be things you need to do to make amends before you can let it go. If you cannot make amends directly, to whoever you harmed, then you can use a symbolic act of remorse by doing something specific to help someone else. If you ponder on it you will soon know what you must do to let go of your remorse and be free. You will know what feels right when you consider the options.  Do not try to fool yourself by choosing something too easy, or be side-tracked into self-punishment by choosing something too difficult. Choose something which feels just about right.

There is a deep connection between forgiveness and prosperity. Forgiveness puts us in harmony with the laws of life. We can more easily draw upon the spirit of the Almighty within us when we cultivate a forgiving nature. By forgiveness not only do we draw more good things to us; we also are more able to enjoy them.


William M.