Thought Bricks 2 – Follow Up

I trust it went well for you with Lesson 2. The walking exercise makes a nice change from sitting down while doing affirmations. The Heart Chart is lovely and is one of my favourites. These two exercises are just a few of the ways that Bernard was so ahead of his time in creating Thought Bricks. He involved the whole person in learning and developed a range of different methods to appeal to different kinds of people.

You are only just getting going on the course, but imagine how you will be feeling a short while from now. You know that your thoughts create your life, so why not use your thoughts to create yourself – create yourself as the type of person that you really want to be. Imagine (ie see and/or feel) how good it is to start having break throughs in your life. Imagine that you are happy and fulfilled and that life is flowing beautifully. Imagine that you have confidence and faith in God’s goodness, and that you are able to let go of struggle and striving and be able to relax into abundance. Imagine yourself as being successful at Thought Bricks, see yourself as being a powerful builder of the life you want.

See yourself having wonderful stories of abundance to tell and sending them in to be included in the Abundant Life News, or sharing them with close friends. See yourself reading your own stories in Abundant Life News and feeling delight in inspiring others with your stories. See yourself as being amongst the successful students. See yourself as knowing that you deserve goodness flowing into your life; see yourself as someone who knows that they deserves the best.


William M.