Thought Bricks 13 – Follow Up: What Does a Session Look Like?

What Does a Thought Bricks Session Look Like?

You will have found your own way to work with Thought Bricks, but may wonder how others work with it too. Of course there is no one “right way” to work with the material, but here are a few ideas.

Like many spiritually-inclined people I like to have an Hour of Power in my daily life.  Yet, I also like to have variety so I change this regularly.

A typical session might look like:

1. Inspiration: I read, listen to, or watch something inspirational: some material which reminds me of the higher aspects of life.  It could be simply re-reading a Thought Bricks lesson and even pondering a particular passage or phrase for some time to really bring it home.

2. Gratitude: writing, speaking or thinking about things in my life which I am glad about. It may be things which happened to myself or some success in the life of someone else. Sometimes, such as while in a cafe, I simply write a list of things I am happy about (starting with the nice cup of tea, or coffee, in front of me). Other times, while at home, I might “speak” it (though probably silently in mind, unless no one is around) just for variety.

3. Thought Building: Doing charts or Exercises directly connected with things I want in my life. I usually start with ways I want myself to be (ie imagining myself being happy and fulfilled in order to maintain that) and then move on to specific things I want to have.

I usually spend roughly equal time on each of the above, but it depends on what seems right at the time. Sometimes I read something inspiring for less than one minutes as I am already in such a good frame of mind I easily move into gratitude. If a do not have much time I will simply read something inspiring till I feel energised and then go straight into Thought Building.

I often like to walk while I do affirmations. Either one straight from the lessons, or one which I make up on the spur of the moment. I just play with it to fit it into my walking rhythm. It usually takes a few attempts to get it to fit right, so I let that be part of the fun.

x is pause in words, but not in step.
Ev – ry – thing  x  in my life x works to wards my grea-ter good x
R     L       R    L  R  L   R   L  R       L   R        L   R      L    R     L

I will usually do such as exercise for 15mins, or so, then do another one later. I like to spend at least part of my walking time looking around and just enjoying the walk, for that in itself can be uplifting.


William M.