Golden Gate 9 – Follow Up

I hope you made progress with your detailed plan and are getting lots of ideas about how you will create the life you want.  As you know you must play your part as this is what allows Divine Providence to play its part too.

Our part includes letting go of things which get in the way of our abundance and success. Something that blocks many people is feeling resentment, envy or jealousy about someone else already having what they want. This is a block because such feeling are a very loud shout that “I DO NOT HAVE _____!” (Whatever it is). Resenting others for their success, and the feelings and the thoughts that go with this attitude, are very strong negative affirmations about not having. This is obviously a block to us having the same success as the people we resent.

There is another problem with that kind of resentful attitude. When we have feelings of against someone, because they have what we want, we usually “justify” these feelings by telling ourselves that the person (or those people) are bad in some way. “He got that promotion, because he was sneaky”, “She got that money because she is greedy and manipulative”, “He is just show off in that car”, and so on. This type of thinking is very damaging to our success, because we will not allow ourselves to be deliberately “bad”. If we mostly convince ourselves that other people’s success came from bad actions, we will not allow ourselves to create that particular success – because we will not allow ourselves to be associated with such bad behaviour.

Whether we are “right” or not about our assumption in regard to the person’s behaviour, our focus should never be on somone producing success out of bad behaviour, as our rejection of the behviour will cloud our way to that same success.  If you cannot bring yourself to assume that a particular person created a success, which you also want, out of merit then focus on someone whom you can believe that about. Imagine someone of you can think of anyone who fits that picture.

Being hostile in any way towards people who are successful (which is what we are doing if we  have negative judgements and assumptions about them) makes it hard for us to learn how to do what they did – as it closes the door to learning from them. It also makes it almost impossible for those people to help and assist us. Many successful people love to help others achieve success too – for some this is their greatest joy. But there is not any way they can reach someone who has a hostile attitude to them and a hostile attitude to their success.

Instead of condemning and judging the success of others, we need to celebrate it. If you want a good job, be happy for those who have one already and let it be a reminder of what you also can achieve. If you see someone in a wonderful relationship, don’t let it feed your sense of lack. Interrupt such thoughts and let their success remind you that you can have a wonderful relationship too. If they can do it, you can do it.

You can amplify this by deliberately noticing those who have something you want in your life and inwardly celebrating on their behalf.  If you want, say, a nice car. Next time you are out notice the people driving around in nice cars and send them a mental blessing, “Well done you!”, “Congratulations in doing so well!”, “What a great car! I’m sure you deserve it”. Bless them and their success and you will bless yourself by creating a similar experience in your life. Celebrate the success of others, make it a habit, and you will very soon be celebrating more and more of your own successes.