Golden Gate 15 Follow Up. Final Lesson.

This Follow Up is the final lesson of the Golden Gate Course. I imagine that you will have come a long way since you started.

You see, and experience, more clearly how your thoughts and feelings shape your life and that changing those habits of thoughts and feelings changes your life too. You see that it is often in simple heart-felt things that your inner life can be changed in deep and profound ways and that your outer life also changes to reflect this too.

You have likely awakened your creative abilities much more than in the past and are expressing them at least through simple acts of daily life, or perhaps a wider arena has opened up to you and you are impacting on the lives of others too.

You see clearly that your talents or not just about artistic abilities. It is about how you relate to your current life circumstances. You understand that even if a lot of someone’s time and energy is caught up in doing a menial job, they can still use the situation to discover and express their talents.

Imagine a man working on stacking shelves in a supermarket. If he thinks to himself “This is a lousy job. I will do the minimum I can and leave at 5:00pm on the dot”, he will give his employer a certain impression of what he is like. If instead thinks, “This is just the beginning. I will do my best in this job and find ways make it lead to something better”, he will create a much better impression in the mind of his employer. He might start to get ideas of how to get the job done quicker or to do it more easily – this would be a real feather in his cap if he tells his employer his ideas. Or it might be enough that he simply shows willingness and has a smile on his face that others notice. If he expresses friendliness, to his bosses and colleagues alike, he will find advancement sooner or later – if not in that position then another will open up for him.

Do you realise now that friendliness is a talent? Indeed it is one of the most important and highest talents, and leads to profound transformation of a persons life. You know that your advancement in life does not come because of where you are; your advanced comes because of your attitude to where you are. Whatever your starting point you can use it to advance in your capacity to lead a more satisfying and uplifting life.

Some don’t allow themselves to express what is within them because it is not “great” or “fantastic” in some way. They do not realise that true greatness comes from doing small things in a great way. But you know better than this. You know that doing small things with care and attention to detail, is what leads to bigger and better opportunities to express your gifts.

This last week would be a good time to have a review. Look over the successes you have had, list them and give thanks for them, no matter how small. Congratulate yourself wherever possible – even just for making an effort if things did not work out as you hoped. Which exercises worked the best for you? Were there some you missed or forgot about that you can try out this week? Which ones will aid you most in the weeks and months ahead?

Congratulations in coming this far. Well done! May God’s blessing be upon you, surround you and uplift you.

William M.