The Window Chart

(A Simple Way to Overcome Disbelief.)

“Prove Me now, herewith, saith the Lord of Hosts, if i will not open the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.” (Mal. 3., 10.)

“Noah opened the window of the Ark and sent forth a dove, and the dove came in to him, and lo, in her mouth was an olive-leaf plucked off.”
(Gen. 5., 6-ll.)

Thought-Power is the great Creative Force. Man, offspring arid heir of God the Creator, is its director, or driver, on earth. Disbelief renders a man weak in his direction of the Great Force of Thought-Power. Therefore, disbelief must be overcome by PROOF.

God invites us to prove Him and to prove Him now. Why not begin today!

In order to prove the presence of Creative-Thought-Power within yourself, a Power ever-waiting for your claiming since you are an offspring and heir of God the Creator, proceed like this. Decide on some small thing you would like to have or to happen. (Be sure it is nothing that would harm    anyone else.) Call this desire your “Olive-Leaf”.

Then, thinking of an image of a closed window, breathe deeply and rhythmically, and say;
“O Lord of Hosts, my God most high,
I turn within, where Thou art nigh,
Pour forth a blessing in this hour –
Convince me of Thy mighty Power”

After a moment, still breathing rhythmically, thinking of an image of an open window. Remember clearly the “Olive-Leaf” of your*desire, and say within yourself;

“My prayer goes forth as did the dove
And every day I’ll smile and love
And look for my own ‘Olive-Leaf’
Then shall I truly have belief.”

During the day, if the smallest doubt appears, breathe deeply  for a few moments and say, within yourself; “Convince me of Thy  mighty Power ” with a reverent lifting of your heart to God who has asked you to “Prove Him now”.

Be happy, smiling and loving to all, exactly as though you had already heard some good news of your desire, or received it. Look out, often, during the day, through the open window of your mind, and use this Chart for the ONE thing only, EVERY day until you have your “Olive-Leaf” – and the priceless treasure of A PERFECT FAITH.

– Bernard