The Star Chart

Note: please print out this chart and then follow the instructions below. Of course you are welcome to create your own version of the star if you prefer that to the hand-drawn, typed version of the star which Bernard offered in the original chart.
– William, Admin.

Hold the Chart in your hands and placing your finger on one point of the Star, say reverently within;
“Holy Master, be my Star and guide me on my way.”

Then place your finger on the next point of the Star and say;
“Holy Master, give me faith and keep my fears away.”

Then the next point, saying;
“Holy Master, join with me as to our God I pray.”

Then the next point of the Star, saying;
“Holy Father, joined with Christ my faith is all afire.”

Then place your finer on the last point and say
“And so I ask with C-O-N-F-I-D-E-N-C-E for my heart’s desire.”

Then, placing your finger in the centre of the Star, silently ask God for what you need, knowing that you, God’s child and heir, are in direct contact with your Father.

Star Chart

– Bernard