What to charge for courses?

What do you feel would be a fair amount to charge for Thought Bricks courses? The Intro Course will always be free, but I would like to find a way to cover the costs of developing and running the centre.

Once people get fully into a course the main “cost” is in providing support, answering questions, clearing up misunderstandings, helping people through challenging times, and encouraging them to keep going. There is also the initial cost of getting the material scanned and edited to remove the errors from the scanning.

Initially the support will be via email though later that will include forums and the like. Members would have an allowance of say, one course support email per week to get their questions answered.

Looking to the future, it would be wonderful to be able to provide audio versions of the courses (so you can listen on the go), possibly a mobile phone app and all the usual things which go with a modern web service; screen casts, video clips, guided imagery sessions and so on to help illustrate ideas and concepts from the courses.

The more people who can benefit from Thought Bricks the better. In order to grow the site and help people to find it, I’ll need to set up and maintain accounts on facebook, twitter and various other social networking services – and probably need to do some online advertising.

I was thinking that a monthly subscription would be the simplest way to support all this, with a range of donation amounts which let people choose what they want to pay per month. While a person is a member they could choose to do whichever course they want and change to another course any time they want.

I was recently a member of a service which charged $97 per month, but that seems to me much too steep for this kind of thing. What do you feel would be a reasonable minimum to start with on the price range from $min to $max per month?

Please post your response below or email me: wmartin at thought-b…..com
(wmartin at-sign this website)


William M.