Lesson B: How to Contact Abundant Supply

This is the second of the four main lessons in the in the Thought Bricks Intro Course. In this lesson Bernard helps us have a good, positive attitude towards money.


Lesson B: How to Contact Abundant Supply

Of all the things on which we ponder, directing our interest and energies, the least understood is the subject of money. Although it draws out our talents, prompting healthy mental and physical exercise, it may also arouse in us negative emotions of greed or guilt. It may pull us down or lift us up, making either a means of hindering or of helping those around us.

“The love of money is the root of all evil”, we are told. (Some misquote it as “money is the root of all evil”, but it is the attitude that is important – not the thing itself.) Some people have told me that they’ve received all kinds of blessings but one has been kept away from them – and that one is money. I reply that what has kept it away from them is their attitude to money.

Financial supply is no different than any other. Everyone knows there is a lavish supply in the world of flowers, leaves, grain, grass, stones, water, trees, fruit, vegetables etc. It is all we can possibly need, and, more. The Creator started this flow of supply when the world was young, before money was ever invented.

Money itself is only the symbols the means of exchange. Once people exchanged a bag of oats for a sack of apples, or a load of wood for a roll of cloth – but it proved too cumbersome. Now they exchange a bag of oats for the value (in coinage) of a sack of apples, and a load of wood for the value of a roll of cloth. This is all money is – there is nothing in the least different or elusive about it. It is when people think it is different that they receive every kind of blessing except a financial one.

In this lesson we are going to consider some of the different attitudes to money, so that the wrong ones can be taken out of the consciousness and a true balance restored.

There is one that comes immediately to my mind – that of the successful business man. To bring about this success, he spends a lot of time with his business. He brings all his talents to hear upon it. He creates new systems, achieves expansion, employs more staff, deals in more goods. He concentrates, and continues working while others play. He is self-disciplined, forcing himself to finish the job in hand when, if he chose, he could ‘knock off” for the day. He overcomes small ailments by ignoring them, or willing health to replace them so that his work may not be interrupted. He goes on and. on with one goal before his mental gaze – the success of his business.

Of such a man, people might say, “What a pity to waste all his life in material aims, instead of thinking of higher things”. But consider! Many spiritually-minded people are impractical and lazy. Earth-life gives us an opportunity of building up character. Each business person has used their business, however unconsciously, to develop their character and their character may have more strength and stability than many spiritually-minded, but impractical people.

The ideal of course, is a balanced life with the spiritual, mental, material and physical aspects blending harmoniously. But how few have achieved this! For they have not been clear about one of those four aspects, so the balanced life has not been achieved. There are thousands of books available which give teaching on the spiritual life, or on mental development, or on material gain, or on physical perfection. But how few there are, teaching a balanced blending of them all.

In the thousands upon thousands of letters I have read from people of different races, religions, classes and ages, the most oft-recurring theme has been a lack of understanding about money. Here briefly, are four of the varying points of view.

(1.)     “I am in debt, but have faith so I spend lavishly, for one day I will have money to pay all that I owe.”
Comment:- To have faith is to live wisely, to treat others as we would wish others to treat us. The fact that money is owing while the debtor remains unmoved and goes on spending is selfish, unworthy of anyone with faith.

(2.)    “I don’t pray for money supply because I have been taught that it is wrong to do so. But I pray for patience, health and things like that, and know that I shall get money from someone. Comment:- Each of us needs money to live. Such a person is looking to other people rather than Divine Supply so has the wrong approach.

(3.)    “I don’t believe in thinking about money because we are told to ‘seek first the kingdom’, with the promise that the things we need will be added to us.
Comment:- We are also told that “the kingdom is within” That is, instead of regarding money as something that has to be dragged out of other people by trying to be smarter than they are, we look to our kingdom of creativity within, and learn to use our talents. In this ‘within’ is the source of intuition, ideas, hunches and inspirations that, once contacted, can open up a new world of abundant living.

(4.)    “because I love the spiritual life I have made up my mind to be poor. To give away all I possess and trust to God to find me shelter, clothes and food.”
Comment:- You want to give something to God? Give your heart – it is far more valuable than money. No-one in this modern world can live without money. Even if someone gives you shelter, clothes and food, they will have to provide the money to pay for these things for you. The word “heart”, by the way, represents the subconscious mind. That is, the hidden motives and desires, so to “give your heart to God” is to use your talents in the best possible way, determined not to harm other people, but only to benefit them if you can.

To summarise.  If you have not so far achieved abundant supply in your life, study the following carefully. Put aside reluctance and prejudice. All this teaching is to help you, because I want you to be as well supplied as awakened people should be.

The Creator has already started this flow of supply. It began long ago when the world was young. Anyone who contacts it, receives it. Those who contact it from entirely selfish motives eventually find dissatisfaction – but they receive it just the same. The whole point is in learning how to contact it.

If a youngster wishes to go in for a profession which is well paid, it may take years to train for it. Does anyone show surprise or think that he should have success after a week’s study? Of course not. The end is worth all the effort of learning. So it is with ever-flowing supply. Yet some people get despondent if they don’t get an abundant flow within a few weeks!

You may conclude by this that it is very difficult to learn how to contact this supply. But it isn’t. It’s easy! That is the reason for the delay, with most people. It is so easy that the average person doesn’t believe it.

Most people are brought up to doubt. The world is a material place, for it has lost to a large extent its consciousness of spiritual reality. A child is brought up among doubters. Despite sermons and exhortations to have faith, the youngster is well aware that adults think “it would he pleasant if it were true, but it isn’t”. if this were not so, the world would be full of miracle-working giants like George Muller (He founded and supported by faith some orphanages in Bristol.) But where are they? Why are there millions of people who go through life barely scraping a living? It’s because they think “it would be pleasant if it were true about ever-flowing supply, but it isn’t”.

The unsuccessful people just don’t believe in it. There are degrees of not-believing of course. Some people have deep-ingrained doubts, others just don’t think of it at all. A few fluctuate between hoping and wondering. But if you see a person-who is in debt and desperate for money, you can be certain that this is one who has doubted for years. That is why they are in that difficult position, and why it will take time to get them out. For they will have to ‘unlearn” so much before they can learn.

Just now I likened contacting supply to studying for a profession. Actually it is exactly opposite to this in practice. In studying for a profession there is much to learn. In contacting supply there is much to unlearn – unlearn the doubts that have been bred and nourished in our mind. In studying for a profession we may get tensed up and make an effort. In contacting ever-flowing supply we must relax, knowing that supply exists. You see there is a similarity even though they are opposite in practice.

Have you followed me this far? We have to change over from a doubting, fearing attitude to a relaxed, believing one. Much depends on our state of mind. Because we are sprung off from the All-Life, the Creator, we actually create by our thinking-processes and by our attitude of mind. These creations take form in our lives. If we live in the consciousness of prosperity, we shall create. prosperity in our lives. It will become a reality to us.

Here are the facts so far:-

1.)    Abundant supply started at the beginning of the world and it flows still.

2.)    It is for all who contact it and hold it in their consciousness.

3.)    Doubt of its existence prevents us contacting it. Belief in its existence is the only possible way to contact it as belief naturally directs the mind to it, takes hold, and uses it.

5.)    If a person has doubted for years it will be harder to cancel out doubt and re-educate the mind to belief. Not because the truth of the existence of the supply is difficult to understand. But because it is so simple that a doubt-fettered mind can’t simplify itself enough without being trained and guided to do so

Now we will assume that you have progressed this far. (If not, go ahead with your training for the rewards are great.) We come to the actual practice of contacting supply. The way to do it is to see this outfiowing of supply as a reality. As real as sunlight, water, air. Know it, feel it all around. you. Live in it, move in it. Bathe in it, bask in it. Relax in it. Be still and know it. No more stress and striving. No more worry. No more strain. Living in the midst of this ever-flowing supply will bring it to you surely.

When thought building, do not concentrate your thoughts on a large sum of money so that you don’t have to bother with supply again. (You don’t try to eat such a huge meal, do you, that you need never eat again?) Let your thoughts be of a daily flowing of supply, filling every need and more, overflowing to all around you. Supply, supply, supply! Abundance! Plenty! Limitless, ever-flowing bounty! Think of it, live in the consciousness of it.

Do not wonder how it can come to you. Don’t say you can’t begin yet, that you must have a large sum of money first, in order to get started. You can start now, this minute. Make your mind free from doubts, full of reality. Once you have taken all the preceding steps I have described, you can be as sure of plenty in your life and affairs as you can of the coming of a new day tomorrow. With mind free from doubts, shape the ever-flowing supply with your thoughts.

Use any of the thought building methods in these teachings. Think with certainty of what you want to come to you, and you can be certain it will come. Don’t be tense. There is nothing to be tense about. Don’t be impatient. Let your understanding grow while supply unfolds within you and in your life. Thought build only for yourself, or for others if they also share your desires. Remember, this wonderful supply has been flowing since the beginning of the world. It is yours for the asking. Yours to contact, receive and enjoy.

At the time a new edition of this lesson is being prepared a student wrote of her own change of mind about supply.  Here it is:-
“I feel more and more at peace,  the more I study and use the charts and leaflets. I gain strength and joy from the writings. From a ‘penny pinching’ and slavish existence, the children and I now have more than enough to eat, and new clothes to wear.”

This was another report. “Thank you for opening my understanding. I am really enjoying this Course. Thought Building has done much for me – a lovely little house, nicely situated. Better health and new friends.”

Then a student wrote, “Our little business has grown beyond our expectations. Didn’t think such things were possible. My wife and I are happy and full of joy, as though a veil has been lifted.”

This is a good way of putting it – as though a veil has been lifted. Until people understand the truth, the things they desire are half-hidden from them, and for ever distant. Understanding is like pulling back the curtains and letting the sunshine into your world!

– Bernard
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