Thought Bricks 22 – Follow Up: Royal Road to Success

In lesson 22 Bernard points out the importance. of a “reasoned, steady, determined desire to make contact with the divine.” This is the Royal Road to success, for it enables us to overcome all obstacles – which are really only obstacles in our own thinking, attitudes and beliefs.

The ultimate in prosperity and abundance is to feel connected with the Source of All. What causes us to hold back from making contact with the divine are often the very same things which hold us back from creating a life of material abundance too. We may feel unworthy, we may feel doubt and uncertainty. We may be caught up in struggle, stress and strain. These can all hold us back from success in any goal, whether the goal is a spiritual one or a material one.

If we feel unworthy of the love of another person then we are unlikely to feel worthy of God’s love too. If we are caught up in struggle and striving in the material world then the peace of the spirit will be unavailable to us. If we disown our creative abilities (either in the arts or in creative living) then we are also disowning the divine spark of creation within us. Likewise, when we accept our divine inheritance then it is much easier to accept material abundance too.

We need a determined desire in order to be able to break out of any patterns of thinking which hold us back. This is what will enable us to keep moving forward towards our goal. We need a reasoned desire because then we not only want something we also know the reasons why we want it.

A reasoned, steady, determined desire to make contact with the divine means giving up on all that would stand in our way. All self-doubt and self-condemnation must give way to self respect. When we doubt our “self” we are also casting doubt at our divine spark. This does not affect that divine spark, but it does – temporarily – block our ablility to express it. We have free will, so we can deny our divine spark if we will to do so. Yet, what then remains to us brings us little joy for we have denied the best within us.

Know the benefits that you will gain from making contact with the divine; the peace, the love, the abundance – and savour them well. Imagine how you will change and grow from this contact – the changes which will be wrought in your thinking, attitude and demeanor. “Be you transformed by the renewing of your Mind.” This will provide fuel to help motivate you and keep your desire steady.


William M.