Thought Bricks 11- Follow Up

It is an extraordinary thought, that Angels adore human beings. We might sometimes find it hard to understand why this is so, when we look at some of the unfortunate things which are going on in the world around us.

We are often taught that Angels are “up there” and that we are “down below”.  In some ways this is true and in some ways it is not true. It is true in the temporary sense, but it is also true that human beings are “in training” – we might say. We are in training for something which is currently far beyond our comprehension.

To the Angels, thousands and even millions of years are of no great consequence. The Angels see the bigger picture, far outside our limited span of time and and have a much wider comprehension of The Plan. Though they see that we struggle, strive and make mistakes they know that we will win out in the end.

We do not need to be fooled into cynicism or negativity by some of the events in the news and the grubbiness of some of the things our human race gets up to. There is a Plan and Purpose behind it all which the Angels Know. The Angels Know our future. They hold The Plan in place and bit by bit, inch by inch they encourage us to go in that direction. It is important not to get caught up in cynicism or negativity as those are two of the things which the Angels try to steer us away from. If we are trapped by those it will be very difficult for us to see the grandeur and magnificence which is really behind events. It will also be more difficult for us to see the grandeur and magnificence which is the potential for our species.

The Angels act like spiritual parents helping us along. Just as a parent knows their child will get past the stage where it cannot walk without assistance, dribbles its food down its chin, and cannot talk: the Angels know we will get past our present stage of evolution. Just as a parent adores their child as it goes through the infant stages the Angels adore us as we go through ours. That is why they are so happy to help us. However, in the case of Angels and Humanity we need to ask for help before it can be give. We have free will and they have to wait for us to ask for help before they can intervene. Ask the angels for help and you will be amazed at the transformation which will take place in your life.

Here is a link to the full article which Bernard quoted in lesson 11. Wisdom of Angels: Chapter 11


William M.