Golden Gate 7 – Follow Up

How can you tell that you are really learning what you need in order to be able to create with your thoughts? For one thing more of what you want will be happening in your life. If this is not the case yet, then it is just a matter of time if you are practising these teachings. Here are a few ways you can tell that you are on the road to Self Mastery.

1. external events have less mastery over you.
2. you are in process of gaining mastery over yourself.

Mastering External Events

External events have less mastery over you when you are less affected by them. Sometimes as you are learning to shape your life the ways you want apparent “set backs” or “disappointments” will occur. For example, you may start using thought bricks to bring something into your life only to find things seem to be going the opposite way than you intended. You may want to bring a new car into your life – so that you can have better transportation – only to find that the car you already have gets more unreliable. Of course, you don’t want to assume that things will get worse before they get better. You don’t want that to be part of what you are using thought bricks to create. However, sometimes that happens. It is as if some “not so good” things need to be cleared out of the “pipe” before the good things can start to flow.

As you gain mastery you will take such experiences in good humour, You will find yourself laughing at them, because you know what you are doing. You trust yourself and you trust The Creator. You know it is all unfolding perfectly – even if things look otherwise. You simply use such experiences to clarify and re-enforce what you want and your commitment to creating it.

Also as you gain mastery you will stop having worried moments of “Has it happened yet?”, or “Why has it not happened yet?”. Replacing worried feelings with eager feelings is part of the key to mastery. Any time you have a worried feeling of “Why has it not come to me yet?”; replace this with an eager feeling of “It is on its way to me now” or “I look forward to receiving my good”. Your ability to do this is a sign that you are changing on the inside. As you know it is changes on the inside which will really bring the changes on the outside.

Inner Mastery

This brings us to having mastery over yourself. The more you realise and experience that you can shape not only “things” but that you can also shape yourself, to suit your highest aspirations, the more you realise that you are not who you thought you were. Not only are you not who you thought you were, but also you realise you are not what you thought you were. You are something much deeper and much grander than you originally believed about yourself. What helps you realise this, yet remain modest about it, is that you also realise that the same is true for everyone else – whether they know it or not. This increasingly becomes a very real inner experience in your life.

You see more and more the ways in which you experience outer circumstances, and the actual circumstances themselves, are shaped by your attitudes and your character. You begin to see the ways in which certain patterns of thinking and feeling within you have shaped the events in your life. You also see how changing your patterns of thinking and feeling change the outer events too.

As this happens the world becomes a friendlier place. Even difficulties take on a positive aspect as you use them to see what parts of your inner life you want to improve next. What were once “problems” become “adventures” in finding ways of developing new skills and expressing new qualities. Parts of yourself which you have yearned to express, but have kept in abeyance till now, will come into the light of day and bring you greater joy and fulfilment. You may even find that your biggest challenges were really an invitation to express the parts of yourself that bring you the most fulfilment.

As you can see, taking charge of the outer world is really about taking charge of you inner world. As you focus less and less on what you don’t want and more and more on what you do want not only outer things change – your inner being changes too. This is mastery. You are shaping yourself as you would like your self to be.