Golden Gate Course 15

The time has now come for to let you into a secret. Like all powerful things, it is simple. For in complications, power easily escapes. Beware of being impressed with long words, learned phrases and complicated, sentences. You may think the writer sounds very clever indeed, but cleverness is of the mind. For successful living, we need wisdom, and wisdom is of the heart. I once knew of a periodical whose editor “went in for” long words. In fact it was almost impossible for an average person to get the meaning of the long, complicated sentences without having a dictionary on hand for constant reference! It all sounded very learned, and the journal contained good advice (if one could find it amid the confusion of words) about living one’s life successfully.

One of the articles in the periodical I saw, described a method of getting rich. And, the next thing I saw was a notice from the publishers that they had to withdraw the periodical because of rising costs and lack of funds. Yet during this identical] time I went on with my simple teaching, though paper costs rose to three and a half times their normal price and all else increased in cost as well. I went on publishing our newsletter each week without a break, almost doubled the size of the Thought Bricks Course and got out a stream of other publications. In fact I prospered and still do!

All that confusion of learning, long words and phrases you see, had been of the mind and had not reached the heart.
Whosoever shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that whatsoever he saith shall come to pass, he shall have whatsoever he saith.” (Mark II., 23.)

To return to the secret. This is powerful because it is simple. Learn the lesson from the illustration I have just given you and have faith in it. Like everyone else, you want to have a good supply of money for all your material needs. Having followed me in these lessons so far, I am sure that you are quite ready to admit that.

Perhaps you have some very special need. Maybe you want to undertake training for a new or improved job, bring greater comfort to your home, clothe yourself and your family in a better way, get long-wanted books to study and enjoy, help some elderly person in your care – or even have a holiday? Think clearly of what it is that you want to do and then work out how much money you would need for it. Suppose, as an illustration, you want £50. (I advise you to start with small sums like this first, and work up gradually.) Acquire a strong metal box or cashbox which you can keep locked away. (Remember I said that the secret was simple and the worldly, who live in the intellect and do not understand the wisdom of the heart, usually scoff at simplicity. So keep your own counsel and live in peace.) Your next task is to secure some writing paper and cardboard and – make yourself some “money”. Yes, do just that. Cut pieces of cardboard the size of coins, and mark them in the value you want them to be. If you have chosen £50 for the wanted sum, “make” yourself that amount (or however much you have decided upon). Put it in your cash-box and then you are ready for your daily exercise. Do it this way:

Be sure that you are alone and will be undisturbed for a time. Holding your cash-box, stand up and if possible, look at some attractive picture of scenery, a fine building or something equally peaceful. Then begin to say quietly within yourself, but without actual sound:-

“_______” (Here use your own Christian name) “know you not that you are a temple of the living God and that the spirit of God dwelleth within you?”

Repeat this musingly three or four times, letting the meaning of what you are saying sink deep into you. Then say:

The Master said; “What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them and ye shall have them.”

Again repeat the words, beginning with “What things” etc. quietly and thoughtfully, several times.

Now speaking reverently to your heavenly Father say:

Father, hear the voice of Thy offsping and heir. I unite myself to Thee. Casting away all that is not in tune with Thee, I quiet my spirit and merge it with Thine.  With faith I draw upon Thy everlasting, outpouring supply. I ask for ______ (here mention the sum required)”.

Then say with simple confidence: “Father, I thank Thee that Thou has heard me and I know that Thou hearest me always.

From this moment hold to the thought that your prayer has been answered, that this sum has been made your own in the realm of the unseen. Know that by holding to the thought of this sum and expecting it to come to you, it will come. Probably it will not come to you all at once, though it may do that. Most likely it will come in small amounts. You may find that something you need to buy is cheaper than you expected, that somebody repays you a loan that you had forgotten, that you have a rebate on some bill, that you have a chance to earn some extra money. Somehow the money will come to you. Watch for it and expect it. When it does, take out some of your “made” money and put the real money in its place. Don’t forget to say a “thank you” to your heavenly Father for it.

Continue with that which I have described every day and as the amount needed to make up the sum you want is reduced, mention the reduced amount. Ask confidently, co-operate fully, and the Father will indeed “prove” Himself to you and will “pour you out a blessing that there shall not be room enough to contain it”. When you have obtained the sum you have asked for, put your “made” money in the cash-box again, adding to it if necessary. Ask for something else and repeat each day until you obtain the sum. Thus shall you “taste and see that the Lord is good” and that “blessed are those that trusteth in Him“.

Now the great secret is yours. Do not speak about it to others, and practise it reverently.

With this lesson we come to the end of our Golden Gate Course { Although this is the final lesson from Bernard on the Golden Gate course I will send you a Follow Up a usual. This will include links to other courses and the like – William M.}  I hope you have enjoyed it and. have practised it faithfully. You have now in your hands the means of bringing good. fortune into your life.


1. Decide what you wish from life.
2.  Make a detailed plan of the steps you intend. to take, to realise your dream.
3. Read the plan daily.
4. Make a list of the weaknesses that are obstacles to your success. Overcome them one by one.
5. Cultivate friendliness towards people in general.
6. Ask for what you want, seek the means of getting it, knock upon the door of opportunity.
7. Change your thought and think success. Think of yourself as being successful, live in the mental picture. Where others waste thought-power in wishing, use your thought-power to pass through the “golden gate to good fortune”.

In describing to you the “coming to life” of the Teaching Centre, I have not as yet told you of some important aspects of it. When I advertise, I leave it at that. I never send followup letters to try to persuade people to enrol. I reason that if they are not attracted by the teaching, they probably aren’t ready for it. If they are, but can’t afford it, they will draw the means to enrol, into their lives – their readiness and need being the “call” that God hears and answers with the supply.

Once people enrol, they are told to keep their own account of payments because they will never be asked for money owing. I keep my promise to send the literature and leave them to keep their promise to send their fees. Sometimes people write to me enclosing money and saying that they just didn’t believe I would not ask for money. “But months and then years went by”, they say, “and you sent the whole Course and never asked. I couldn’t stand it any longer, and enclose the balance of fee now”

There is probably a lot of money owing to me, but I am content to leave it. We all do our “sowing and reaping” and learn the wisdom of sincerity by experience. Those people will also, later on. If they can no longer contact me, they will give the money to a good cause I expect. Of course, people could not run ordinary businesses like this but this is a Centre founded on and sustained by and teaching the power of faith. Another aspect which I have never mentioned before, is that if a student finds he isn’t in tune with the teachings and writes to tell me so, I promptly return all his fees.  Even if he has had almost all of the first Course, he gets all his money back, with nothing deducted for all the big expenses involved.

Despite all these unusual methods which a person without faith might think would prevent success – everything flourishes. So you see that I have not only prospered through faith, but I have continuously through the years used methods that might appear to make success harder I have first-hand knowledge of faith-in-action no wonder I want you to have it too!

REMEMBER:- If you have been fully co-operative, you have been practicing prosperity-thinking for 28 weeks. Keep going for the next two weeks to complete the 30 weeks in total. It should then be a habit.  Success is therefore assured. If success is not visible yet, be confident that it is on the way and will soon become manifest.

God bless you!