Thought Bricks Joins Twitter

Yesterday, Thought Bricks joined Twitter, please follow us there:

Thought Bricks Joins Facebook

Yesterday, I setup our Facebook fanpage for ThoughtBricks: Please visit and ‘Like’

Abundant Life Newsletter 1: Enjoying the Success of Others

Welcome to the very first Abundant Life News!

By pure coincidence this is being sent out on Good Friday, so I hope you have a good Easter weekend.

The Abundant Life News will be a mix of things which Bernard (who was Bernard), the originator of Thought Bricks used to send out in his Bernard’s . . . → Read More: Abundant Life Newsletter 1: Enjoying the Success of Others

What to charge for courses?

What do you feel would be a fair amount to charge for Thought Bricks courses? The Intro Course will always be free, but I would like to find a way to cover the costs of developing and running the centre.

. . . → Read More: What to charge for courses?

Courses Launched!

Am I delighted to say that Thought Bricks Courses are now launched! There are two courses to start with. More will be added later.

An occasional newsletter, The Abundant Life, is also available. Signup is available on most pages on the site as well as on the course signup page.

I will also now be . . . → Read More: Courses Launched!