Heaven is Fulfilment: Chapter 16


“Then you had died in your sleep,” I said during the pause which followed Pedro’s last words. Yes,” he said “suddenly I was free! It was wonderful. Jesus and I went hand in hand and I was too happy over my unaccustomed movements to notice the way, nor the length of our journey. All I know is, that we came here.”

“You are very happy still,” Janet said softly.

“More than ever All the things I longed to do, we do together. Sometimes we go down to the beach, and walk far out over the sea, sometimes I swim round in circles while He sits upon a rock. Then we go for long walks over the hills. I think of the times I heard my earth friends setting out and yearned to follow. Then I realise the depth of my joy, for here I have the Divine Boy for my Companion.”

“All the time, He teaches me. Sometimes it is of high matters, when He prepares me for greater heights, for the days when I shall be a teacher. Other times, He shows me how to increase the power of my sight so that I may look into a tiny blossom and learn all the secrets of the universe there. Yet side by side with the Teacher, is the Boy. He laughs and runs with me, and suggests all kinds of new adventures.”

“Have you been to the Gates and seen your mystic robe?” I asked tentatively, for I had been wondering about this for a long time.

“Not in the way you have,” Pedro answered. “Jesus taught me about that, too, but He said I was shown the state of my soul, and all my faults and sins while I was still on earth. He explained that those five years of trial were used as a preparation, instead of doing my reparation here…. Listen!” he whispered, “I think He is awakening. Will you follow me?”

With beating hearts we rose up. Pedro entered a narrow path between the trees and stepping softly, soon led us into a glade within the wood. In its centre, lying on a couch of leaves, was the Boy. As Pedro had said, He was almost exactly his height and colouring, except for the darker lashes which flickered now on the sleep-flushed cheeks. As we came to a pause. He stirred and opened His eyes. I shall never forget that first glance from the clear eyes. He looked at each of us, then rising, said with boyish courtesy: “You are very welcome.”

Our angel was standing close by, looking intently at the Divine Boy. We did not know what to say. The situation was so new, yet so thrilling

“Pedro,” He said smiling, “tell your new friends not to be afraid.”

“Afraid?” Pedro laughed. “Ah, not of You, Jesus. How could anyone be afraid of You?”

We turned, then, and met the Boy’s gaze, and in that moment something seemed to flow from Him to us, an invisible cord linking our hearts to His, making Him familiar to us again. “Jesus,” I whispered. “My little King.” Janet just knelt and looked up into His face…”

We stayed a long time in the glade. Pedro went to gather some blossoms and the Boy made us look at one while He expounded its mysteries to us. We were entranced with His wisdom. He read the little flowers as though they were great tomes of deep learning, and yet, so simply and attractively did He speak, that His words did not sound out of place on the lips of a boy.

Presently, Pedro began to look towards the hills which were just visible between the trees where we sat. At last he said:

“Jesus, can we go for our walk now? You promised, just before you fell asleep.” The Boy looked gravely upon him. “Pedro, our guests are with us.”

It was quietly spoken, but Pedro saw his error instantly. He flushed and turned quickly towards us.

“How thoughtless of me! Please do forgive me. I do not really want you to go. It is just that, after five years of lying still, it is wonderful to be able to move. Sometimes, keeping still makes me forget I am free. You do understand?”

He looked so beseechingly at us that we hastened to reassure him. Our angel, too, lifted up his hand in a swift sign of blessing. After a while the Boy rose and stood looking gravely upon us. There was a question in my heart, and yet I could not bring myself to ask it – yet. He understood. He just lifted His hands in blessing. We fell on our knees to receive it; then, rising watched Him pass out of the wood and on to the path leading to the hills.

The last we saw of Him was on a slight rise in the ground. He was swinging along beside Pedro. His arm around the boy’s shoulders. Their robes fluttered in the breeze.