Over the Rim

We spent the journey in meditation, feeling that a preparation of quietness and peace was essential. The drifting ease and blankness of the void, and the blue light made stillness simple. As we sped on our way without apparent movement, our minds were each turned inward to the Master, who at once supported and communed with us.

During that time, I learned that, stupendous as our coming experience seemed, we were still very far from the Heights. That there were many of an exalted degree who moved in a blaze of glory which we could not even comprehend as yet. The Master made us realise that everything was gradual and delicate in Heaven’s realm, that just as Nature’s laws on earth advanced the seasons almost imperceptibly and brought forth growth in patient slowness, so each soul was treated with unfailing gentleness. A ray from the reflection of the Father’s Light must of necessity be of infinite majesty and splendour, yet we would experience it only beneath the shadow of our Master’s Hand. . .

Janet, I knew, was receiving the same encouragement and comfort, for I heard her murmuring the Master’s words. “How often would I have gathered together thy children as the hen gathereth her chickens under her wings. . .”

When we arrived, an air of festivity surrounded us, and we soon found ourselves in the centre of a group. The Hall was thronged with angels. They all moved about, assigning places to those newly arrived. We were escorted to a group of Green-Gowned who made us welcome with loving congratulations.

“If you only knew! If you only knew!” they said to us repeatedly, and their eyes held a secret beyond the reach of words. There was an atmosphere of dignity about the Green-Gowned that I had not seen before, except perhaps in Richard.

“Have you received the ray?” I asked one tall fellow who sat on the ground nearby. He turned his calm eyes upon me.

“I do receive it. . . Once a man is permitted to enter the Radiance reflected from the Father’s Light, he can never again be outside it, for it lives in him.”

“How wonderful.” I drew nearer to him instinctively.

“It is. The Father has drawn His sons nearer to Him, and all who become heirs carry about with them the truth, wisdom and tenderness that radiates from Him. Of course, they can only receive a gleam of it, but it is enough to fill their every moment with an awareness of wonder.”

Just then another of the Green-Gowned joined us, and quoted, “Being instructed in. . . the knowledge of the mystery of God the Father and of Christ Jesus, in Whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.”

Then a sound of trumpets blazed forth and the multitude fell on their knees. Once more I saw the awe-inspiring spectacle of those great groups, clad in their distinctive colours. Between the groups were massed many ranks of angels, their draperies of every shade of mauve, gleaming through the multi-coloured mist. The points of their wings rose up above the bowed heads like spears. Like a thousand mighty organs, the music of Heaven rolled forth!

Janet and I, kneeling side by side, felt that we could scarcely contain the torrents of joy that swept over us in that interval. We sang exultantly, while over the rim before us, the light glowed and flamed, increasing in intensity.

Before my mental eyes flashed a picture of all we had done, seen and learned since our arrival. I knew that, wonderful though it had been, it was little in comparison with the glory that awaited us. On. . . on. . . on. . . stretched my mind, into the far reaches of the beyond. I knew that time would but increase knowledge, and knowledge, wisdom; and wisdom, service; and service, joy. I felt the drawing of the Father’s Love, and this same Love pulsing in the hearts of all this multitude. . . Then I knew indeed that “Heaven is fulfilment.”

At last the front ranks of the angels broke up. They went in pairs to the side of one who was to receive the Green Gown. Turning to look upon my companions I was overjoyed to recognise my own dear, angel-guides. We exchanged a smile and once more they reminded me of earth-parents, fond and proud. At my side I saw Janet greeting her guides and I guessed these were old friends also. Once more a trumpet sounded. Our guides raised us. They began to walk forward, calling, “Come!”

Thus we followed the angels into the mist. What happened to us there, no words of mine can describe, but each will one day discover it all for himself when he too steps over the rim, into the heart of Heaven’s realm.