What we taught Rose

“What a delightful place,” Rose sighed, looking round our house. “The comfort of it!”

“See how simple it is,” Janet said. “On earth, people complicate life so much. Here, with a place to rest, fruit to eat and all the land to roam in, one can be completely happy.”

“I almost wish I could stay,” . . . → Read More: What we taught Rose

We Entertain a Guest

Janet and I gasped simultaneously.

“On the sea!” I echoed, “but I thought you said she came from earth? How can she have such powers?”

“Does a soap-bubble have ‘powers’ when it rises higher than a man can jump?” he retorted, and added, when he saw my puzzlement, “Of course she would have ‘powers’ if . . . → Read More: We Entertain a Guest

We Take a House

I was particularly pleased with our coming visit for I had long had a plan in my mind for acquiring one of the houses in the Plane Between. Remembering the happiness of Stephen and James there, I thought that Janet and I could perhaps secure a house nearby. The mother, whose name was Doris, was . . . → Read More: We Take a House

The Hall of Sleep

On our way we talked together. I asked Janet if she had been to the Hall of Sleep before, and she said she had served there for some time. Of course, I wanted details.

“How is it that some newcomers need sleep when they arrive and others do not?”

“Some have laboured for many years . . . → Read More: The Hall of Sleep

The First Star

The hall was peopled with angels who acted as guides, and as we approached, one came to us at once and motioned us to follow. We were led to a large group of the Purple-Gowned and there was immediately a great number of introductions between us. Very soon my shoulder felt quite stiff with all . . . → Read More: The First Star

The Hall of Audience

The return journey was very different from that on which I had come. This time I knew where I was and the reason for it. Also, I had the company of Janet, Stephen and James. As we raced along through the void, soothed by its strange blue light, I felt as though we were on . . . → Read More: The Hall of Audience

The Golden Sash

“Oh the power, the Wisdom, the Love,” I murmured, trying to realise it all. After a while, I asked, “What of the people?

Who are they and where were they when we first came?” “This is a Plane Between,” Stephen explained. That was all he said but it opened up my link with his mind. . . . → Read More: The Golden Sash

The Plane Between

We had continued our walk as James spoke and now we came upon an open space, flanked on three sides by trees. The centre of the clearing was short grass, studded here and there with the brilliant flowers I had seen on the hillside. On each of the three sides, set with their backs against . . . → Read More: The Plane Between

Into the Void

As I reached the fringe of the Hall of Reception, word came to me from Stephen that he would like to see me. I was particularly glad of this invitation, for I had laboured long over the newcomers and thought a rest would be very pleasant. I turned at once and started off towards him, . . . → Read More: Into the Void

I Help Richard (to aid a woman who longs to have a child)

On my way back to the Hall of Reception I was called aside by another of the Purple-Gowned. He was a young fellow, slim and fair. Looking into his eyes, I knew that he had known little of earth-life. His glance held that serene, clear look which one sees in that of a very young . . . → Read More: I Help Richard (to aid a woman who longs to have a child)

Heaven is Fulfilment

My next charge was leaning against a rock when I reached her side. She was a young girl, pale of skin, but wiry and graceful; and she made as pretty a picture in her loose white robe as the trees behind her. I approached her cautiously for she seemed lost in thought. When I knew . . . → Read More: Heaven is Fulfilment

Hubert’s Rebellion

When I returned to the Hall of Reception I knew at once where I should go, for a man’s need had called me to his side. He was walking up and down on the grass, now pausing to gaze down into the valley, now shading his eyes—quite unnecessarily—to scan the distant hills. He was a . . . → Read More: Hubert’s Rebellion

New Arrivals

The news reached me and many others of the Purple-Gowned, that a number of people had suddenly died, and would soon arrive in the Hall of Reception. I knew that I must go to help in the welcoming of them.

At first I wondered why this should be, as angels usually performed this service. Then, . . . → Read More: New Arrivals

Chapter Sixteen: Purple-Gowned

“All men come to know this hunger in the end,” my earth-guide said. At first, many of them think they want other things—the company of friends, the fulfilment of wishes. . . At last, when they have had all these and still their hunger is unappeased, they seek Him whom their soul loveth. Then they . . . → Read More: Chapter Sixteen: Purple-Gowned

Chapter Fifteen: Through the Halls

The time seemed to pass very quickly after that. Led by my guide, I went from Hall to Hall, meeting a great many people. To some I told the circumstances of the wrong I had done them, for these were Purple-Gowned; to others I merely offered my services. From all, without exception, I received a . . . → Read More: Chapter Fifteen: Through the Halls

Chapter Fourteen: Good News

It was when I drew near that I noticed the special radiance of my guide’s face. She was all on fire with a joy that poured out from her in rays, and it was impossible not to be touched by them and feel the heart lift in sympathy.

“You have something to tell me.”

“You . . . → Read More: Chapter Fourteen: Good News

Chapter Thirteen: The Flying Fish

“That is capital!” I cried, sitting up to look across at Arthur. “I believe you really live the character of Jimmy and forget all about Arthur for the time being.”

“I am afraid I do,” he confessed, looking a little shamefaced. “I always get absorbed in a story like that.”

“A good thing you do, . . . → Read More: Chapter Thirteen: The Flying Fish

Chapter Twelve: Arthur’s Story

“Only by finding out how little we are can we know how great He is, and learn to trust Him,” said the Favourite Auntie, closing the Bible gently. Jimmy looked sleepily at the ring on her finger, all fire and light and golden glory. . . golden light and fiery glory. . . lightning and . . . → Read More: Chapter Twelve: Arthur’s Story

Chapter Eleven: The Hall of Books

“Arthur”, murmured my mind, “may I have a talk with you?” I did not speak the words in order that the others should not be disturbed, but directed the thought into his mind. At once I saw him rise and withdraw from the others. In a moment he was beside me, gripping my shoulder in . . . → Read More: Chapter Eleven: The Hall of Books

Chapter Ten: Anxiety for the Angel

Suddenly my musings were interrupted by excited barking, and there was Rainbow, tearing down the last slope towards me! He did not pause in his headlong dash but leapt high in my arms where he wriggled enthusiastically, washing every inch of skin with his moist tongue ecstatically.

“How you have grown, Rainbow!” I cried at . . . → Read More: Chapter Ten: Anxiety for the Angel