Chapter Seven: The Hall of Food

“Come,” she invited, “your task is over here.”

“I know,” I agreed, falling in beside her and tucking Rainbow under my arm. “I must tell you about it.”

“Do you not know I have been with you all the time? You could not see me but I was there; I shall watch over you and . . . → Read More: Chapter Seven: The Hall of Food

Chapter Six: My First Lesson

“Is that his name?” Marie asked gravely. “How do you know?” I looked up to reply and then saw the twinkle in her eyes. “Go on,” she laughed, “you tell me this time.”

“Well,” I began, feeling a trifle embarrassed at my first advance knowledge, “when he has had some water and something to eat, . . . → Read More: Chapter Six: My First Lesson

Chapter Five: I Meet Marie

BESIDE ME, kneeling on the grass, was a young woman, clad in a white tunic as my own. She did not see me at first for she was absorbed in a little brown spaniel which sat before her. She was hanging a daisy chain about his neck and she laughed merrily as she gave him . . . → Read More: Chapter Five: I Meet Marie

Chapter Four: The Hall of Animals

IN JUST a moment, it seemed, we were standing on a level, grassy field. It was gently lit, but the atmosphere was cool and fresh. Here and there were clumps of long grasses, and away to my right I glimpsed a swiftly-running stream. To the left, was a wood and the whole scene was one . . . → Read More: Chapter Four: The Hall of Animals

Chapter Three: The Conference

Then began a long conference First my companions laid out upon the ground a copy, as it were, of my stained and pitiful cloak. Each phase of my past life was divided into sections like the great pages of a loose-leaf file and, bending over them, starting from the end of my life and working . . . → Read More: Chapter Three: The Conference

Chapter Two: At the Gates

Falling on my knees, I bowed my head and said a prayer of thanksgiving. Then I rose up and looked upon the gates once more. Wonderingly, I watched a curious change take place in them. Each rail of which the gates were composed, began to shine still more brightly, and then to glow with many . . . → Read More: Chapter Two: At the Gates

Chapter One: My Arrival

It seemed such a short time after I had drawn that last, gasping breath. Curiously, I had felt like a caged bird longing to be free. No, that breath was not a struggling to remain and breathe of earth-air still; it was a striving for that other breath, the glorious, stimulating, feeding breath whose very . . . → Read More: Chapter One: My Arrival